How to install AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the effective application for users. Lots of people love this application to use it. Its very easy to install AOL Desktop Gold. We are happy to assist you here in installing AOL desktop gold in windows and mac computers. But the installation steps are different in both windows and in a Mac computers.

Most of the time users use AOL DESKTOP GOLD in windows. But now a days we have found large numbers of customers are loving in using. AOL DESKTOP GOLD in mac computers too. So, to explain installation steps. We have explained about the installation option for both devices. it’s now about the system requirements. You also required to meet the basic requirements of the software in both these computers. Before installing it or else it could conflict problems and other additional problems. So, There are some simple steps to installation for AOL Desktop gold are as follows :-


  1. Give a double click and open file explorer icon on your desktop taskbar.
  2. Click and open the download folder.
  3. Search for “AOL DESKTOP GOLD” .
  4. Than double click the install AOL DESKTOP icon.
  5. Click on run.
  6. Finally click install now.


MAC computers is also one of the best device. Which work much easier for AOL desktop gold but you have install it carefully. so, that it works without any problem for you. we have proper guidance here for you and it will work for you with without any trouble and you will enjoy all the service with without any restriction in your mac devices. There are few steps that required to perform to install “AOL DESKTOP GOLD” have been listed below:-

  1. First of all go to official website for “AOL DESKTOP GOLD” and download the link from there.
  2. Log in to your account and go to. ‘Product and services’ and you will find under this, a link that that is AOL DESKTOP FOR MAC. Select that and click on the download now option.
  3. Open the downloaded file and click continue. Please watch the terms of licence agreement and after that you can select agree proceed with installation.
  4. After installation enter the important information of credentials.

This all given are few of the simple steps. Which are needed to install AOL DESKTOP GOLD. On your windows and mac computers. You can visit the official online AOL CUSTOMER SERVICE site if you encounter any technical error of difficulty.

If you are still unable to download & install AOL GOLD.Than don’t worry contact on our AOL HELPLINE NUMBER. +1 -800-705-4117